Emphatic and consistent, two words that distinguish Arqam Associates in the landmarked by gleaming towers and fascinating architecture. With efficient staff and real-time customer interaction, we aim to provide a satisfactory and productive service to our clients. While Pakistan is celebrated for its prodigious residential infrastructure, it can be difficult for one to navigate through the many options available, and that’s where our team takes the load off you. We listen and pick for you the one that’s most suited to your requirements.

Vision: To stand out as a trusted real estate company that is driven by customer loyalty and quality service provision.

Mission: Our mission is simple, to help you select a house that you could call home. We aim to make our presence felt, and not just by promising, but by delivering what we promise, and that is quality and satisfaction. With us by your side, you will not feel the heat and hassle of hunting the best property.


  • Ensuring optimal returns on investments, and providing the best to our clients.
  • -What we ideally work for, to find a home for our clients that makes them happy every time they step through the door.
  • -Maintaining a positively multi-cultural environment for the team we call family, and invest in their professional and personal growth.
  • – Deal with each client in the most honest and ethical manner, and create a clientele that trusts us unconditionally.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.